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Childcare Vouchers

Busy Bee Voucher Scheme

Child Care Vouchers as a working parent, do you qualify?

Did you know that your employer can offer you childcare vouchers as part of your salary.  What are the benefits?  This scheme benefits both the employer and the employee.  The employer no longer has to pay National Insurance while it saves you the employee your tax.  A number of the Kent Play Clubs (Smeeth and Hawkinge) are registered to receive them. Please check with us for further details.  
If you would like to know more, ask your employer if they are enrolled in the scheme and if not encourage them to participate!
For more information on child care vouchers please Click Here to visit the Busy Bees Scheme website.

The following is a brief overview of how the scheme works:

One of the biggest barriers for parents to registered childcare is affordability.  Childcare vouchers can be used to offset part of the cost through savings on National Insurance Contributions.

How does it work?

Employer agreements - The employer makes an agreement with one of the National Childcare Voucher companies such as Busy Bees.

Employees order the vouchers from payroll, usually on a monthly basis.  These are collated and sent off to the voucher company.  The employer pays the voucher company for the vouchers.  Payroll deducts the amount of the vouchers from pay.  National Insurance Contributions are charged on the gross pay less the amount of vouchers.  Please note that Working Tax Credit is not affected by the purchase of Childcare Vouchers as the credits are now calculated on gross pay and not net pay as under the previous scheme.

Vouchers can be sent directly to your home address or enclosed with your salary.

Vouchers are readily accepted by childcare providers, as it represents a cash payment.  The voucher company reimburses the provider within 2 to 3 working days.

The vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months, however if you change providers they can be exchanged without any fuss.  Of course you are able to order the quantity of vouchers which you require and adjust the amount as necessary.

Benefits to Parents

  • Maximum savings on childcare costs through the pay packet.  Savings of up to 10% on childcare costs. Easy to use. Childcare costs stopped directly from salary guaranteeing payment
  • Effectively managing/budgeting for childcare costs.
  • Benefits to Employers 
  • Part of a company work-life balance programme to enable parents to manage their work and home commitments.  Vouchers are at no cost to the employer as increased administration is offset by their reduction in employers National Insurance Contributions
  • Support and assistance from the voucher company with publicity and payroll.


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