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2/3 Raywood Office Complex, Leacon Lane, Charing, Kent TN27 0ET

Tel: 01233 713813

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Registered Company Number: 4649786

Registered Charity Number: 1104141

Benefits of Kent Play Clubs

Benefits of Kent Play Clubs

Kent Play Clubs is a registered charity that works in a unique way in partnership with local communities.  It currently supports 12 after school clubs across Kent but these clubs are not part of a chain.  Each club is financially and constitutionally independent and steered by a group of volunteers from the local community.  We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and this way of working ensures that the after school club is tailored to the needs of the community it serves.  What Kent Play Clubs brings is experience and expertise in setting up and managing Ofsted-registered, high quality after school clubs and we take on all the day-to-day management of the clubs on behalf of the local voluntary group.

Benefits to Parents

Kent Play Clubs was first set up by a single mum living in a rural Kent village who had first hand experience of the difficulties of finding reliable, safe and good quality childcare so that she could work to provide for her family.  She recognised that there needed to be after school care that allowed parents to go to work secure in the knowledge that not only were their children safe and well cared for but that they were also having a good time!  This was the premise on which Kent Play Clubs was founded and still holds true today.  Our after school clubs provide flexible childcare so that children can attend every day, part-time or just on an occasional basis when needed.  This gives parents the practical support they need to return to work or education/training, helping to improve quality of life and life outcomes.

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Benefits to children

Our aim is that the after school clubs are much more than just a childcare service.  We want the children to have a great time and the opportunity to participate in new and interesting activities and opportunities.  For this reason, we employ qualified, motivated staff who provide a choice of stimulating, well planned activities each day.  In particular, we are aware that children may have been sitting at a desk for much of the day and we ensure that there is a good choice of physical activities supporting healthy living.  We also recognise that not only does each child have their own individual likes and needs but these may change from day to day.  If they want to join in everything on offer one session but would prefer to just chill and chat with friends another, thats fine.  We tend to find that most of the children at our clubs dont stay still for long!

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