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2/3 Raywood Office Complex, Leacon Lane, Charing, Kent TN27 0ET

Tel: 01233 713813

Fax: 01233 713847


Registered Company Number: 4649786

Registered Charity Number: 1104141

Activities at Kent Play Clubs

All the after school clubs supported by Kent Play Clubs are activity-based and aim to give the children access to a wide range of fun, interesting things to do.  We realise that after a long day at school, children need the chance to relax, unwind and have the opportunity to play and the activities we offer are in line with this aim.

Examples of just some of the activities on offer at our after school clubs are:

Arts & Crafts – mask-making, collage, model-making, puppets, hama beads, working with clay, sketching, painting, marbling, printing etc.

Physical activities  - catch ball, parachute games, football skills, indoor & outdoor games, rounders, tagball, skipping, basketball, tabletop games etc

Cooking – cooking is a great activity that is also educational, introducing maths and healthy eating in a fun, accessible way.  The after school clubs will often link cooking activities in to cultural and religious festivals and celebration (eg Shrove Tuesday, Divali) and aim to use it as way of introducing children to foods they may not have tried (eg fruit tasting from around the world).

Free play – each after school club has a wide variety of toys aimed at encouraging imaginative, creative play.  Examples are construction toys (eg playmobil, lego, k’nex), role play toys (eg multi-cultural dressing up, dolls and accessories, action figures, play food, karaoke) & board games (eg chess, jigsaws, junior scrabble/monopoly).

Chill Zone – we understand that sometimes the children just want to relax and chat with friends and every club has a comfortable, homely area where they can do just that!

The after school clubs are there for the children who use them and staff always welcome suggestions for activities from the kids themselves.  If there is anything we’re not doing that you would like us to do, please tell us!


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