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Contact Kent Play Clubs:

2/3 Raywood Office Complex, Leacon Lane, Charing, Kent TN27 0ET

Tel: 01233 713813

Fax: 01233 713847


Registered Company Number: 4649786

Registered Charity Number: 1104141

Corporate Giving


Kent Play Clubs is a charity that directly benefits local businesses through supporting the provision of affordable, high quality after school clubs. There is a large potential workforce in Kent of high calibre, qualified parents who need to be able to go to work safe in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for after school and in the school holidays. Kent Play Clubs fulfils this need, enabling highly skilled employees to get back into work and benefit the local economy.

Would you like your company to be……

• Recognised by both staff and customers as family-friendly?

• Seen as an equal opportunities employer who actively encourages the return of women into the workplace?

• Recognised as a company that supports a local charity in its work to increase the provision of high quality, affordable after school and holiday care?

If so, there are many ways in which you can help:

Through is a search engine that donates 50% of its revenue to charities. It is a simple and highly effective way for your company to raise money for Kent Play Clubs as your staff or customers search the web, at no extra cost to you.
will track the number of searches that you have referred to them and each month they will let you know how much your company has helped raise. Once you are registered you will also receive a 10% discount off any advertising you choose to do on To join as a corporate member and support Kent Play Clubs, please click on  to enter their website. Next, click on the words ‘Select the charity that you would like to support’ and then type Kent Play Clubs in the box and enter. Once you select Kent Play Clubs, you will come to an information page about us. At the bottom of that page there are a number of icons. The hand icon enables you to become a corporate member and set your search engine to benefit Kent Play Clubs.

Through Payroll Giving
You can also give your staff the opportunity to donate to Kent Play Clubs directly from their salary. Payroll Giving is a unique way for people to give to charity. By having their donations come straight from their gross pay before tax, employees effectively increase the value of their contributions. For more information on the benefits of payroll giving for companies, donors and their chosen charity together with info on how to get started, go to

Through a Donation
We are always grateful to all our generous donors for enabling us to continue our work supporting local children and their families. We are more than happy to acknowledge support on the home page of our website with your business logo and a link through to your website. We also acknowledge corporate support in our newsletters that are sent to all the parents whose children attend the after school clubs. If you are unable to give a financial donation, please do also consider a donation in kind either in terms of the provision of equipment or staff volunteering time.

Through Childcare Vouchers
Our after school clubs and holiday clubs accept childcare vouchers as payment for sessions at the club. Childcare vouchers offer a win-win solution to childcare in that they are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance Contributions for employees and offer National Insurance savings for employers. There is also assistance offered to companies from the voucher company with publicity and payroll. Childcare vouchers have been shown to be a tangible benefit to employees encouraging retention and recruitment of staff. For more information on child care vouchers please click here to visit the Busy Bees website.

Elect Kent Play Clubs as your Charity of the Year
If you want to show working parents and the wider community that you mean business when it comes to being a family-friendly, equal opportunities employer then why not consider electing Kent Play Clubs as your chosen charity of the year. We are a local charity that helps local families achieve better life outcomes through the provision of high quality, affordable childcare and as a small, cost-effective organisation the money you raise will really make a difference.

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